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How to make money with a free blog on the theme of travel, cooking, or beauty? How to create a blog that earns money? Can we really make a living with a blog or a simple website?


Creating A Blog And Making Money

Creating a blog and making money from its publications is a dream for many people who want to work from home independently, without having to invest a lot of money in the first place.

Let’s be honest: this dream is not easy to achieve, but with a lot of patience and perseverance, you can do it.

The site you are currently surfing on, WikiCréa, was created in order to make money with a free blog, specialized on the topic of business creation. After long writing, the site became profitable. After two years of work, it generates more than a million page views per month and about 250,000 € in sales, growing continuously. This site is proof that a blog can earn money and be very profitable.

Yet, everything was not simple. Based on our experience, we will guide you in your project to create a profitable blog.

Open wide your eyes, read the following, because this article may change your life! Here’s all you need to know to make money with a free blog.

Make money with a free blog: the prerequisites.

First of all, making money with a free blog is only possible if certain starting conditions are met. Here they are.

1) Be comfortable with the internet and social media.

You must be comfortable with the internet and social networks. Ideally, you need to know how to create a website of WordPress or Wix type.

Do not worry, if you do not know how to create a site, nothing very complicated in there:

start by reserving your domain name on the site of a host, for example, OVH (on the home page, a search tool “order your domain name” allows you to check the availability of your domain name and order it: you will be asked for your credit card number),

Take an accommodation pack, for example, the OVH Personal Pack,

Choose the automatic installation of the WordPress module: so your website will already be configured to start writing,

OVH will give you access to a control panel to manage your website, via a username and password, Add a custom theme (there are free ones) and check out tutorials to learn how to use WordPress.

WordPress is simple and intuitive; you will be comfortable after a few hours of use.

2) Know the main SEO techniques.

To make money with a free blog, it is essential to master the SEO techniques. Again, nothing complicated but it is important to spend some time training before you start writing.

The SEO is to seek the best position of your pages on search engines, in order to arrive at the top of Google search results for the relevant keyword phrase. Specifically, when you publish an article, for example, “The most beautiful places in Australia,” Google will analyze it through his crawler, and test it by positioning it for a few hours high enough in his results. This will allow Google to observe the behavior of users in relation to your article:

If the click rate is high, Google will consider that the title and description of the article are attractive: it’s a good point,

If the bounce rate is low (that is, if a lot of people who clicked on the article interact with your site and do not go back), that’s a good point too,

on the contrary, if the article is not clicked and appreciated (high rebound rate), Google will quickly relegate it to the depths of its ranking …

Many other SEO criteria are taken into account by Google, but the two that we have just presented are essential.

In other words, it means your article will perform well if:

His title is attractive. For example, the title “Australia: the 18 most beautiful places” will certainly be more clicked than “The most beautiful places in Australia,”

Its title is the content: the worst would be to deceive the user by offering a content different from what was promised in the title. The bounce rate would then be very high, and you would be quickly downgraded,

If its content is unique: Google hates the duplicate content, and you will downgrade immediately if you copy the content of other sites,

if the content is attractive: by observing the behavior of users on the page (including via the feedback of its browser Chrome), Google knows whether your article likes or not. The more attractive, exciting, complete, and unique your report will be, the more likely you will be to stay at the top of the leaderboard.

To choose your article topics, help out with Google suggestions that appear in the AutoComplete search bar. Of course, this does not tell you what the search volumes are for each of these key phrases, but in the end, it does not matter: a well-placed article on an unpopular topic can bring as many visitors as an article. Moderately placed on a much sought after subject …

3) Be comfortable with writing.

Making money with a free blog involves knowing how to write quickly and well, if possible by using your ten fingers on the keyboard, and without spelling mistakes. It sounds obvious, but it’s not given to everyone.

If you make mistakes, help yourself with the automatic proofreader and re-learn the rules of conjugation and grammar.

Also, adopt a writing style adapted to what your readers expect. By default, we recommend a neutral, airy and well-structured style (lots of parts and sub-parts, dots or dashes and bold words ). Remember that reading on a computer screen or smartphone is less secure than reading on paper: Internet users will prefer direct and straightforward sentences!

4) Have a favorite theme.

The first point to get to make money with a free blog, you must have a theme of choice, a subject that you are passionate about and you want to write, even if you lack knowledge. Rest assured, you will learn by writing!

It can be any subject: cooking, traveling, football, fashion, games, ecology, boats …

Above all, your theme must be broad enough to be inexhaustible, but small enough that you can distinguish yourself and develop a long-term competitive advantage. Choose a sustainable theme, avoid patterns or trends that may fall.

  • Sample theme for a blog: Tourism in the South Pacific
  • Example of a theme that is too broad: tourism
  • Sample theme not wide enough: the caves of Australia