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To be able to make money with a free blog, it is essential that you understand the heart of what will make your success.

The principle of a blog is to provide a quality response to users who type a key phrase on a search engine (Google in 95% of cases).

Important point: the user knows exactly what he wants. If he types in ” New Zealand Airport South Island, ” he expects to find a complete list of airports located on the South Island of New Zealand, but also indeed the air links with the rest of the country and possibly to be the rest of the world.

You must, therefore, submit an article that exactly matches what the user searches for this expression. The goal is to avoid any disappointment of the user.

As we have seen, this consists first of all in proposing a title and a description that let the user know that he is about to make the right choice by clicking. FYI, the title of your article corresponds to what is in blue on Google, its description to what is black :

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Once on your site, the user will analyze in a few seconds if the content is satisfactory or not. If it falls on light or primary material, it will come out, and you will quickly forget.

On the contrary, if you offer him rare information, exclusive content, research, and detailed, then the user will feel happy and valued. It will be even more so if you bring him turnkey solutions, and he will be willing to pay for it. This is how you can monetize your site.

Understand the principle of inbound marketing to make money with a free blog.

For decades, marketing has consisted of offering products or services accompanied by advertising so that they can sell. This period is over: indeed, potential customers are less and less receptive to advertising unless you have millions of € to invest in communication.

On the other hand, inbound marketing consists in making sure that customers turn to you spontaneously: for example, through a targeted search on a search engine that naturally leads the customer to consult your blog. Here, it is the client who is the applicant, and if he is satisfied with the answer, he will naturally be ready to go further and pay.

To succeed in making money with your blog, you must understand this principle: your job is to answer the questions of Internet users, questions that correspond to the Google suggestions. It’s simple!