How Candidates Can Impress During Human Resources or IT Internships

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Candidates who sign up for human resources or IT internships will want to make a positive impression.

These programs are grand opportunities to impress employers in the field of HR or IT, making genuine progress in a tough and competitive professional field.

That transition from pre-graduate or graduate to a full-time HR or IT professional is far from an easier one however.

Those who are unaccustomed to the challenges, make presumptions about the business or try too hard in the wrong areas are likely to fall short of being offered a role in the organisation.

Here we will outline a number of key tips that young participants can embrace to make their time at the firm count.


Bring HR or IT Knowledge To The Table

No participant within human resources and IT internships are expected to be expert practitioners the moment they arrive through the door. It takes years of working within a department and learning the ropes before genuine progress can be made. However, those candidates who have studied their craft ahead of time to know much of the theory are already ahead of the game. This is a diverse practice that takes into account employee relations, payroll, interviewing, risk management, strategy, rewards, development and more. If the candidate brings this knowledge to the table without having to learn many of the basics of the practice, they will be looked upon favourably by employers.


Be a Sponge For More Knowledge

Having outlined the importance of research and educational learning with human resources and IT internships, there is also the need to ask questions. There are just some elements of the business that textbooks won’t be able to address, offering participants the great opportunity to lean on their peers and ask them a raft of questions in real time. It is a quality rather than a shortcoming for those young men and women to inquire about human resources and IT and tapping into these experienced professionals for correct behaviours.


Consider All Peers a Mentor

The mentor-mentee relationship can be an important learning experience for young participants of human resources internships. However, there are instances where this intimate relationship can close out additional opportunities with other peers in the workplace who have their own advice and experiences to pass onto interns. Don’t be limited by one operator. View the entire organisation as an environment that offers different experiences and approaches, allowing the individual to pick and choose what they deem as suitable.


Dress Well and Be Punctual

There are two core basics that any young man or woman has to adhere to when engaging in human resources internships – dressing well and being punctual. The first element revolves around the professional image, illustrating that you are representing the company to clients, investors, stakeholders and the general public at large. The suit, dress or attire does not need to be expensively acquired, but it should be clean, ironed and ready to be showcased out in a public space. The second phase revolves around punctuality, ensuring that you are managing your time well and not running late to start times and key appointments. The best means of avoiding late starts and traffic jams is to wake up early and account for potential delays of 20-30 minutes, avoiding those last minute rushes that can cause a panic.


Be Honest About Your Experience

There are certain elements that are involved in human resources internships that makes it feel like the participant is playing a role. Being involved in a professional environment can feel like being thrown into the deep end and to break the ice, it is worthwhile voicing some concerns, reservations or doubts if they are felt. Even if that approach does not feel beneficial, it will be impossible to fool peers for a number of weeks if this emotions are being felt. An open and honest approach should be valued as a quality, irrespective of where the HR or IT firm is based.


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