How Mobile Storage in Sydney Works

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If you’re planning on moving homes or simply want to free up a bit of extra space in your property, you might be considering using mobile storage in Sydney.

This is an efficient method which involves keeping your goods in a safe container located at your local provider’s facility. It’s a flexible, affordable and convenient solution.

This article outlines what you need to know about mobile storage in Sydney.

The steps involved

Getting started is simple – the entire process can be done in just six easy steps:

1.      Decide how much space you need

Units come in many different sizes, so it’s important you know which size you need. You don’t want a container that is too small to fit your items, nor do you want one too big, as this will cost you extra money. Unit sizes tend to range from 5×5 to 10×30, though it depends on what your particular provider offers.

2.      Find a provider

You’ll then want to find a mobile storage in Sydney provider near you – the closer, the better as you won’t have to pay too high a transportation fee. Make sure you check company reviews to get a good, reputable provider.

3.      Get a quote

The next step is to contact them for a quote. Ensure you get a competitive rate – many companies will be willing to price match.

4.      Schedule a pick-up date and time

Next, you’ll have to let your mobile storage in Sydney provider know when and where you want them to pick up your goods. Generally, they will bring the container to your property and fill it up for you (or you can fill it up yourself if you prefer). They will then transport the container to their facility for keeping.

5.      Pay any ongoing fees

You’ll then have to ensure you pay any ongoing (e.g. monthly) fees on time. Check company policy, as many places will sell off your goods if you repeatedly fail to make your payments.

6.      Collect your goods at your leisure

Feel free to pick up your goods whenever it suits you. Most places will offer long-term solutions if you ask for it.

Tips for packing

Knowing the proper techniques for packing your goods can be helpful, as appropriate packing can help you save space and money and keep your items protected.

Appliances and furniture

Large items such as fridges, televisions and couches need to be safely protected using padding to prevent scratches or other forms of damage. Ensure to defrost any cold appliances to prevent water damage from occurring in your mobile storage in Sydney.


Ensure that all batteries are removed from things like toys and remotes to prevent damage due to battery leakage.

Fragile items

Fragile goods such as mirrors, art pieces and crockery should be kept in a padded box to prevent breakage.



Machines such as lawn mowers should have their oil and fuel drained to minimise fire hazards and prevent damage to other items. It is a good idea to put a piece of carpet or cardboard underneath to soak up leaks. You may want to hose down your machines to get rid of any bad smells which could spread through the mobile storage in Sydney container.



Some providers will offer insurance as part of your quote. However, make sure you check as not all mobile storage in Sydney providers will do this. They may instead offer insurance at an additional cost to you. This is likely worth doing as you want to protect your goods against potential theft or fire damage.

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