How To Find The Best Conveyancing Lawyers In Sydney


If you are dealing with a complex property transaction in metropolitan New South Wales, it would make sense for you to start speaking with one of the many talented conveyancing lawyers in Sydney. This kind of person will be an expert in property law and their job is to help you draft and review contracts as well as carry out other admin tasks on your behalf.

However, finding the best conveyancing lawyers in Sydney is easier said than done as the quality of practitioners is quite diverse. Naturally, you want to ensure you only speak with a reputable property solicitor who has a proven track record and a good work ethic.

Let’s look at some tips you can leverage to find the best conveyancing lawyers in Sydney.

1.    Browse the internet


The internet is the natural first and best place to start your search. You can begin by opening up your search engine of choice (Google, Bing etc) and typing or pasting the keyword ‘conveyancing lawyers Sydney’.

You don’t need to write “in” before the city name because search engines are already smart enough to know what you mean. However, if you are using voice search you might get more accurate results if you use your natural phrasing that you would use when communicating with another real person.

Regardless of how you interact with the search engine, it should serve you with a list of results for conveyancing lawyers in Sydney and other nearby areas. This list will be in descending order of trust and authority according to the criteria the search engine uses to evaluate websites.

2.    Investigate their websites

The next step is to navigate through all of their websites and get some insight into how they work and other aspects of the offer they have. You want to get a sense from their ‘about me’ or equivalent section that they have a lot of expertise they have accumulated over the years and will be able to act quickly when the unexpected occurs.

Of course, you should also look at reviews and testimonials on their site, on search engines and on third party review sites. One very long negative review could be just one disgruntled client while lots of them is a sign you should go somewhere else.

Also, the site should function well since the quality of their website will also suggest their quality as a conveyancing lawyer in Sydney.

3.    Organise face-to-face or phone interviews


The next step is to actually speak with one of the conveyancing lawyers in Sydney that you’ve added to your shortlist of candidates. It’s a good idea to try and organise face-to-face interviews with all of them under the guise of it being the first free consultation that many of them will offer as a matter of course. If you can’t get into their office or meet them at a café, then a phone call will suffice.

The main thing you want to do during the interview is gauge their level of confidence and expertise. While they won’t give away their advice for free at this early stage, they should express an eagerness to help you and confidence that the situation you are dealing with isn’t going to be too difficult for them to handle.

Hopefully the above information will give you an advantage when searching for conveyancing lawyers in Sydney so that you only end up with a reputable and experienced practitioner. The more time you spend looking, the more likely you will find the ideal property law solicitor to help you minimise costs and have a stress-free transaction.

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